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The Leading Voices at the Intersection of Climate and Crypto

Blockchain Infrastructure Carbon Offset Working Group


The BICOWG is a brain trust of climate-crypto experts from protocols, organizations, and individuals supporting coordination, providing education, developing tooling, hosting forums, and providing clearinghouse services.

Leading the Application of Blockchain for Climate Action

The accelerating adoption of blockchain-based solutions has highlighted a critical issue: the technology’s energy consumption and impact on our climate. Our members have accepted the responsibility of actionable stewardship. They are working collaboratively with the climate, crypto, and blockchain industries to facilitate and accelerate the development of decentralized solutions and set the new standard for other sectors to follow. Deeply inspired by the Paris Climate Agreement and COP26 in Glasgow, BICOWG is a private initiative for the ReFi, DeFi, ReGen, and crypto communities focused on decarbonizing the digital and blockchain industries in real-time.


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